Single Malt Flavours

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Single malt whisky is a surprisingly versatile drink which shows up splendidly both in its pure form and in the kitchen. Bob Minnekeer and chef Stef Roesbeke (De Cluysenaer) have together prepared forty modern-day dishes in which the innovative use of single malt whisky, combined with herbs, occupies a central position. Did you know that you can vaporize, sprinkle, spray, marinate and flambé with whisky-herb aromas? The authors explain clearly how you can get started in the kitchen yourself and what the possibilities are to add extra flavour to the dishes. In addition, the book contains a fascinating introduction about the production process of whisky. Photographers Andrew Verschetze and Joris Devos spice up the proceedings with a good swig of Scotland and show off the recipes in a striking way.

Interested in Dutch whisky? At De Heische Hoeve we have our own whisky distillery: Bus Whisky  You are most welcome tot visit us!

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